Startup communities suck.

We’re the home that Seed to Series F founders have been looking for.

Membership Perks

  • Monthly Pitch Competitions

    Where founders pitch to top-tier VCs.

  • Founder AMAs

    Get incredible insights from top founders.

  • A Vetted Community

    Member quality is ensured through exclusivity.

Notable Members

  • Marc Randolph

    Co-founder of Netflix and a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor and investor.

  • John Coogan

    Co-Founder of Soylent with expertise in marketing, ecom, engineering, and finance.

  • Raeez Lorgat

    A serial founder best known for dropping out of MIT with Patrick and John Collison to build Stripe.

  • Josh Belinsky

    Co-Founder of Slate Milk and an expert in fundraising, retail strategy and more.

  • Will Nitze

    A Harvard graduate and founder of IQ Bar, he is a purveyor of random startup learnings.

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Why did we create Founders Game?

We created Founders Game after wading through too many startup communities and being unable to find a home.

Communities around entrepreneurship tend to either cater to the top brass or to everyone - and we don't believe either model works.

That's why we've created a three-tier system:

1 - Founders Land for aspiring founders that prove themselves as serious.

2 - Founders Forge for those we identify as high potential.

3 - Founders Game for the most proven founders.

Is Founders Game a paid community?

Yes. All dues collected go into paying full time staff, community upkeep, and irl events. None of the FG founding team will ever profit.

The current price is $2,000 for an annual membership. Future members will pay a higher fee.

Do I need to have a successful startup to join Founders Game?

Founders Game caters to founders who've at least raised 1 million or generated 1 million in revenue.

We do take exceptional people who don't fit that mold.

Early but high potential early stage founders are directed to FoundersLand.

Further along founders may be accepted into Founders Forge

Is Founders Game only for tech startups?

No, Founders Game is open to founders from various industries and backgrounds. Our community is diverse, and we welcome entrepreneurs from all sectors.

The only requirement is that you are building something with a big potential outcome. We vet members like VC's vet investments, and only accept applicants that we'd be happy to call a cofounder.

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