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who are shaping the future.

Membership in FG Means...

Monthly Squads Meetings

Joining Founders Game means diving into our signature Monthly Squad Meetings. These carefully curated virtual sessions bring together seven high-caliber founders, including you, handpicked by our leadership team. 

We consider factors like industry, revenue growth, user base, and more for optimal group alignment. Each 90-minute meeting, led by an experienced Squad leader, is designed to provide maximum value, acting as your personal advisory board for guidance and support in business growth

Online Community

Our exclusive Discord community is a melting pot of top-tier founders across various domains, where giving takes precedence. Whether it’s raising a round, looking for that key hire, or signing your biggest contract, our members have seen it all and are eager to help others through it.  Expect insights from luminaries like Marc Randolph amidst active discussions. 

Members benefit from our private directory, enabling direct introductions to other members. Connectro, our specialized bot, facilitates meaningful connections with relevant founders, maximizing your network's value with minimal effort.

IRL Events

Our presence spans across SF, Toronto, NY, and Austin, where we host regular in-person events and meetups for Founders Game members.

These gatherings range from catered events to casual meetups, fostering real-world connections. We're constantly expanding, so keep an eye out for events in new cities.

Interested in Joining?

Requirements to Join

  • Either $1M raised
  • $1M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • Or a $5M exit

Prospective members should also be ready to be an active part of the community.