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Personalized weekly AMAs with top founders

Ask questions and actively participate in our weekly AMAs with our esteemed guests including unicorn founders and thier earliest employees!

Pitch practice

Join our pitch practice! Perfect your pitch with other Iron founders and perform it live to our Steel tier founders and experienced admin.

Online events and groups

We host exclusive online Iron community groups and events. Chat with your peers, learn new techniques, ideas, and skills, build friendships, and even find co-founders!

Introductions to founders in your industry

Our mentor/mentee system pairs like-minded, industry aligned founders from our Iron and Steel tiers. Unlock mentoring by Steel founders who have first-hand experience in your industry.

Exclusive access to in-person events

We throw great parties... Join us for our Iron level in-person events exclusive to Iron and Steel founders! Make real life, meaningful connections that enhance your life and your business.

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