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Curated introductions to top players in your industry

We organize curated introductions to your favourite unicorn founders and early employees. Find top VCs in your industry, and create select circles with other Steel founders in your domain.

Vetted mentees (opt-in)

We've created a gamified mentee system with monetary and utilitarian rewards associated with your counselling contributions to our community. Each mentee is an Iron tier founder and goes through our rigorous vetting process. Steel founders love this perk and use it as a way of helping other young, like-minded people and giving back to the community!

Access to all our online groups and events

We have created a strong community of ambitious, atypical founders that are growing and learning together. All our tiered chats and groups are open to Steel founders if they wish to join the discourse! We know you will love our people.

Exclusive access to in-person events with top founders

We are super excited for you to join us at our exclusive founder events and retreats reserved solely for our esteemed guests and Steel founders. These events are a great occasion to socialize, make meaningful connections, and build strategic business opportunities!

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