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Our community is made by founders, for founders. We cut through the bull***t and provide immediate value. That's why we make each event concise and high quality, propagate activity and support in our discord, and build unique mentor-mentee relationships.

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We want all our members to gain value. That's why we designed a tiered community, structured for your needs.

Forge Tier

  • Access Our Discord

    Meet like-minded people


    Engage in conversation, ask questions, and forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals within our vibrant Discord community. Connect with professionals in your field, or explore partnerships with those in complementary industries.

  • Watch Weekly AMAs

    Learn from the best.


    We book speakers months in advance and only pick the best. We've booked unicorn company founders and early employees, top executives, and startup veterans.

  • Meet the Author

    Read a book with us and ask questions live to the author.


    Each book is recommended by our community. Dive into a chapter or two each week, exchanging notes with fellow founders. Then, culminate your experience with an exclusive AMA session featuring the author themselves.

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Iron Tier

All Forge tier benefits +

  • Pitch Practice

    Perfect your pitch deck with your peers.


    Collaborate with others to test variant decks, and receive feedback from more experienced founders.

  • Personalized AMAs

    Ask questions and participate in AMAs.


    There are no stupid questions. Ask away.

  • IRL Events

    Attend our yearly IRL events in LA, SF, New York, and Toronto.


    Connect with Iron and Steel tier founders at exclusive events and gatherings.

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Steel Tier

All Forge and Iron tier benefits +

  • Ultra-curated Peer Groups with Top Founders

    We curate meetings with top players in your industry.


    Request a meeting with other founders and we'll set it up. It's that simple.

  • Monthly AMAs with Unicorn Founders

    Learn from the best.


    Exclusive rooms only for Steel founders. Avoid making the mistakes of the trade.

  • Exclusive IRL Events

    IRL events and retreats in major cities.


    Only available to Steel tier and esteemed guests.

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Take Part in the Discussion

Say hi to our vibrant Discord server. Tell us about your wins and losses, get help from your peers, and chat about the latest news.

Interested in joining?

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  • Pre-seed or Early PMF
  • Under $250k in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • Open-minded and Driven

  • Pricing:



  • Either $500k raised
  • Or $250k in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • Also apply if an early PMF founder working towards seed/revenue stage

  • Pricing:

  • Individual: $1000/Year
  • C-Suite: +$250/person

  • Requirements:

  • Either $4M+ raised
  • Or $2M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

  • Pricing:

  • Individual: $4000/Year
  • C-Suite: +$1000/person